• Follow the abc’s below. So here is the abc’s:

    A) lock up the equipment

    b) take the keys with you

    c) get the exact address, where the equipment is located.

    d) contact the office, during business hours 8-5 everyday of the year. 808-945-9595.

    e) use your common sense. If you would not leave your personal equipment somewhere, don’t leave ours.

  • We have a 45 minute grace period, except at 5:00 pm, there is a 10 minute grace period. After our grace period the normal hourly rates well apply just give us a call and we well extend your rental for as long as you wish 808-945-9595.

  •  No unless you want a $45.00 parking ticket. Many hotels provide free parking for mopeds and motorcycles; you well find many places to park free. Again do not park on the sidewalk.

  • Actually it is against the law for 2 people to ride on a   moped. Yes we know everyone does it! You could get a ticket, a warning, or more likely you well be ignored, by the police. We don’t really have a problem with riding double, we just can’t condone it, however you can do as you wish once you are out of our shop.

  • Mopeds can go on highways, which go all the way around the island. However mopeds may not go on freeways h1, h2, or h3 we also recommend you do not travel on 2 main mountain roads Pali Highway, (pronounced paulie) or Likelike Highway (pronounced leak e, leak e).

  • This is not a problem at our main location (1980 Kalakaua Ave.) it works best with prior arrangement. However if its necessary first fill it up with gas, than go to the main location and open the gate, you well see other mopeds locked up, place your equipment next to another moped and lock it up to the other bike. Lastly you well see a round hole in the service area door, drop your keys inside the hole. If you take the keys with you or don’t fill up the gas it well cost you some bucks. Replacement keys are $75.00 to $150.00 (Harley keys) fuel not full costs $25.00.

  • Every one of our locations have a safe area where we train you, it takes about 5-10 minutes. We can train anyone to ride. Training and lessons are free.

  • 18 years of age with a legally issued drivers license (from any state or country).

  • Absolutely not, there is no price for safety. We provide helmets free, this is however a no helmet state, you do not need to wear a helmet. However we believe in safety first. We keep our helmets clean and sanitized, for your comfort. We offer different styles of helmets, first come first served.

  • Yes with a minimum of 2 hours, prices vary by equipment.

  • Please see where to go section of our website.

  • Yes of course you can, you well need to rent a premium moped, premium mopeds have service coverage completely around the island. It is approximately 120 miles to go around the island, it makes for a great day. Allow yourself a minimum of 6 hours. See things to do on our website, for a list of places you well want to see. There is good food all the way around the island. Gas stations are also available around the island.

  • Absolutely not.

  • Yes, bring and use sunscreen, you well burn. Bring a light sweater, or jacket. Bring your GPS it well come in handy, however it is hard to get lost going around the island.

  • Yes, some of the best snorkeling areas on the island. You can rent snorkeling equipment at the bay or you can rent snorkeling equipment at a discount from us (the equipment fits in the moped trunk).

  • All bikes come with a chain and lock don’t be lazy use them, you don’t want to buy a bike. Your rental agent well show you how to lock up the bike safely. Lock your bike every time you leave the bike.

  • We well provide you with a list of things to do, maps, directions and recommendations.

  • We have them. Scooters and motorcycles require a valid motorcycle endorsement. Any vehicle over 50cc can use every road on the island, freeways, highways, overpasses. No restrictions.

  • Go over the starting instructions your rental agent gave you. 99 times out of 100 times if we come out for a no starting moped we get it started, and everyone wastes time. Here are some things to check:

    1. Make sure the key is turned on.
    2. Make sure the kill switch is in the run position. (most common reason for not starting)
    3. Make sure you hold in the left brake handle, or the bike well not start.
    4. Now press the start button. If should start right up.
    5. Some models require that the kickstand is in the up position, check this out.
    6. Some models have an extra lock switch in the truck (for security), make sure this is in the on position.
    7. Make sure you have fuel, don’t trust the guage, look into the gas tank, and see if there is fuel. (second most common reason)
    8. Call the office 808-945-9595 they well walk you thru this again. Remember 99 times of 100 the bikes start. If we come out and start your bike using these instructions, we well charge you for a service call.
    9. If something is still wrong, won’t start, flat tire, accident. We well be happy to make a service call. If you are on a standard or premium vehicle the service call is free. If you are on a basic moped and are outside the 15 mile allowed area, there well be a $75.00 fee charge for the service call. Within the allowed area the service call is free.
    10. In the event we cannot start the bike or you have a flat, we well be bringing you a replacement bike, so you can get on your way.
    11. Please keep in mind service calls take some time, however we    well make every effort to minimize, the time and get you back on vacation.
    1. Make sure everyone is ok, and not hurt, if you are hurt go to the hospital. If you need to go to the hospital, follow the instructions above for leaving your bike, and locking it securely.
    2. If its more than a fender bender call the police and make a report (this is mandatory). Call 911 non emergency.
    3. Call the office 808-945-9595 and explain the situation.
    4. A) Lock up the equipment. b) Take the keys with you. c) Get the exact address, where the equipment is located. d) Contact the office, during business hours 8-5 everyday of the year. 808-945-9595. e) Use your common sense. If you would not leave your personal equipment somewhere, don’t leave ours.
  • Yes, deposits assure us we well get our equipment back and in the same condition as it went out. Deposits can be cash, credit card, debit card, travelers checks. The deposit amount varies depending on the type of deposit payment, type of equipment, length of rental. The idea is to make sure we get our equipment back, get paid for the rental, get paid for any damages.

  • These charges may apply to your rental:

    lost keys: moped $50.00 (for keys) motorcycles $150.00 (for keys) plus service charge if required.

    Keys locked in trunk of vehicle: $75.00 service charge, we bring you a set of keys.

    Lost or non returned helmet $65.00.

    Lost snorkeling equipment $50.00.

    Moped won’t start (false alarm) we come out and it starts right up, by following the directions we provided you. The service fee is $50.00 per bike.

    Lost or missing license plate $50.00 per plate.

    A no show reservation fee is $50.00 unless canceled at least 24 hours in advance.

  • We mark all existing damages, dings, scratches, dents. So we all know clearly that the damage is not new. Please see “clear dot” below. However accidents and damages happen, so how do we deal with it? If a vehicle comes in with new damages, we list it on a separate sheet of paper, we use the parts ordering manual for each bike, or we call the dealer for exact pricing. We do not make a profit on damages, we collect enough to put the equipment back in its original condition, we add common hourly labor charges, and that’s how we determine the charges that we must charge the customer.

  • We use a clear dot system, each damage area, scratches, dents, marks, or other damages are all marked with a clear dot on every bike. So we know if it has a clear dot, the damage is old and not your fault. This way you are never charged for damage you did not incur or cause. We also encourage you to use your phone and take pictures of any existing damages.

  • Your deposit we’ll be forfeited.
  • You may return anytime you wish, we well issue you a credit, however there are no refunds.
  • Yes, within 48 hours of your reservation and your deposit shall be refunded.